Do I need to make an appointment? 

No appointment is necessary, however you are welcome to make a booking and each clients are served in turn, each being given the right amount of time, as necessary.

What is an in house seamstress?

Our in house seamstresses can make on the spot adjustments to make sure your bra makes you look and feel your best. Most of our adjustments are complimentary although a small charge is made for lengthy alterations.

How long does a Fitting take?

Generally fittings can take anywhere from 15-30min, depending on your needs and what garments you require. Our Dickory Dock corsetieres make it a painless, fitting experience bringing you styles, to make you look good and feel your best.

How often do I need a new Fitting?

At Dickory Dock we suggest a new fitting every year, as women we can change, and its important to be always wearing the right fitting bra for you.

How many bras do I need?

We always suggest a bare minimum of three everyday bras, one in the wash, one on the body and one in the drawer.

What are the basic items all women need in there Lingerie Wardrobe?

At Dickory Dock, we have all different types of garments for different occasions and moments in women’s lives; we believe all women need 3 basic good fitting every day bras, a good controlling sports bra, a bodysuit, a plunge bra for those low cut dresses and of course an everyday t-shirt bra.